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Tips for Better Performance in Lecturette in SSB Interview

Points you must remember during Lecturette:

a) Correct and quick selection of the topic. Select the topic about which you have adequate knowledge. b) Understand clearly what needs to be covered in that topic, i.e. do not be irrelevant. c) Format your topic under some headings, rather than remembering points remember the headings that you need to elaborate. d) Make sure you give a good intro and a good conclusion to the topic to make a better final impression on the GTO. e) In case you fail to speak for 3 mins, it is better to nicely conclude, say thank you and sit down, rather than awkwardly and abruptly finishing your talk. f) Ensure proper time management and touch upon all relevant aspects of the topic, rather than speaking only on some part of it. g) Give as much information in terms of facts & figures, factual data or connect it with some current issues to display your knowledge. An ordinary topic can be made impressive by giving valuable information.

Tips for Self Preparation

a) Read as much as you can and be well informed. Prepare from Year Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet and from the Lecturette Book of Olive Greens Institute, Chandigarh. b) Every day prepare at least two topics and give a talk to your family or friends or even stand in front of a mirror and speak for 15-20 mins on each topic. c) To get over your stage fear grab every opportunity that you get to get to the center stage during family and friends get together. d) Make sure you read and prepare relevant subjects and not waste your time on frivolous topics. e) Once you feel confident make sure you get professional help by joining a good institute that guides you appropriately and points out mistakes that you may not be able to gauge yourself.

Wish You All The Very Best

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